Battery that will charging in 90 seconds prepares the Mahle

This battery was one of many prototypes of batteries and fuel cells that Mahle Powertrain revealed at the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility exhibition, explaining in five lectures the technology behind them.

The innovative lithium-carbon battery has the technological ability to charge in 90 seconds, while another impressive feature it has is that it does not contain exotic materials, and is fully recyclable.

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Thus, it combines the advantages of supercapacitors and conventional lithium-ion batteries. In fact, lithium-carbon technology not only allows for the rapid charging of small city vehicles, but also has a very high energy density, as well as smaller overheating problems.

Alongside the launch of this prototype battery, Mahle also unveiled to Aachen advanced transmission and thermal management systems for electric cars. “The transformation of mobility is accelerating every day, and we are contributing to the advancement of environmentally friendly zero-emission technologies,” said Dr. Martin Berger, Vice President of Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle.

With thermal management technologies of electric systems of cars, the company maximizes their efficiency and reduces costs. At the same time, Mahle ZG Transmissions experts presented a new high-speed transmission system with a fairly complex planetary gear system, for electric and hybrid cars.

In one of the lectures of Mahle’s experts, they also highlighted the importance of the progress of three-dimensional printing of metal components for high-performance sports cars. The main advantage of this technology is the limitation of the development time of the individual components, by speeding up the manufacturing process of the test prototypes.

For cases where batteries are not sufficient, Mahle has also developed new fuel cell technologies. The company has been dealing with hydrogen for more than ten years, and in addition to its large investment in it, it intends to promote the wider use of this, completely clean fuel at the political level as well.


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