Bill Gates: “green technology” will create 10 new Tesla

A plethora of investment opportunities for those who choose to “bet” on green technology and the opportunities that will be created in the effort to reverse climate change is “seen” by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

Specifically, the fourth – now – richest in the world, speaking at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit forum, said that the wealth that will be created in the market will be compared only with that of the tech giants of today.

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green technology
Tesla Model Y compact SUV

“There will be eight to ten new Tesla,” the billionaire said, noting that “only one of them is known to the general public today,” bringing as an example Elon Musk’s company, which within five years managed to boost its market capitalization by 2,000%.

However, Gates did not just dweo in the example of Tesla as he then said that in the near future there will be companies that can be compared with Google, Amazon and Microsoft in terms of their profitability.

According to CNBC, Bill Gates has already invested in “green technology” through the Breakthrough Energy Ventures brand he has founded, which includes Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and Ray Dalio, among others.



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