Can an electric car survive in a flood?

Autumn downpours and flooded roads in many countries around the world raise the legitimate question of whether an electric car can cope with these conditions.

The question, then, that arises when you see the flooded roads, is whether an electric car has the same chance of survival in these conditions. The answer is positive, as an electric car has the comparative advantage of not using ambient air or if you prefer oxygen for the operation of its engine.

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So, even if the entire engine compartment is submerged in water, the electric motor will still work as in theory it is completely isolated and protected from external conditions.

The same goes for batteries where an electric motor draws energy. The batteries are usually located at the lowest point of the bodywork and are therefore the first to come into contact with the water.

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This does not mean, of course, that they are the most vulnerable, as safety standards, as well as the fact that in the majority of cases they have an independent cooling circuit – makes batteries completely impermeable and therefore unaffected by water.

Thus, an electric vehicle has probably more hope than a conventional four-wheeler to survive after a sloppy passage through a flooded road, and this is because both the batteries and the electric motor are protected by the highest degree of waterproofing.

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