Elon Musk: A Thousand Drivers will get FSD Beta 10.2

Tesla gives the FSD Beta 10.2 autonomous driving software for testing to those drivers who get excellent driving. Elon Musk, through a tweet, reveals the exact number of drivers who will be able to test Tesla’s software.

Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta 10.2, according to Elon Musk, will be tested by about 1000 drivers who managed to score excellently in the Tesla rankings. The company studied with the sensors of its vehicles and the cameras the driving behavior of the owners of its cars through five main areas.

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FSD Beta 10 version

Tesla studied the warnings of a possible collision, the number of sudden braking, the extent to which the turns one takes with one’s Tesla are steep, the distance each driver maintains from the vehicle in front, and how often Autopilot has been abruptly and suddenly deactivated.

Based on these factors, Tesla ranked its vehicle drivers and from the resulting list selected those who had the best score to create the list of those who will be able to test the Full Self Driving Beta software (FSD Beta 10.2).


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