Group VW conquers the 1st place in Europe on EVs

The Group VW having a highly successful Q3 won the 1st place in the EVs and accelerates the transition to electrification. Despite the shortage of semiconductors, 122,100 pure electric vehicles (BEVs) were delivered to customers from July to September, an increase of 109% compared to the same quarter last year.

Significant was the rise in the Chinese market, with deliveries of 28,900 BEVs, compared to 18,300 in the first half of the year. Globally, electric vehicle deliveries accounted for 6% of the Group’s total deliveries in the third quarter, with total deliveries for the first nine months of the year amounting to BEV 293,100 (+138%).

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Group VW 1st place
Group VW 1st place on EVs in Europe

Similarly, the demand for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) continues to be high. In total, globally, the Volkswagen Group delivered 246,000 PHEVs in the first nine months of 2021, more than double the previous period (+133%). In this regard, Christian Dahlheim, Volkswagen Group’s Head of Sales, said: “Our global target of one million electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) for 2021 looks achievable, despite all the difficulties.”

In terms of deliveries of electric vehicles by region, Europe absorbed a significant share of the Volkswagen Group’s BEVs, with 209,800 vehicles (72% of the total). The Group was the undisputed leader in Europe, with a market share of about 26%. In the U.S., the Group delivered 27,300 BEVs, representing 9% of its global electric vehicle deliveries.

Group VW 1st place

This figure brought the Volkswagen Group to second place in the U.S. BEV market, with a share of about 8%. In China, deliveries of 47,200 BEVs by the end of September represent 16% of the Group’s global BEV deliveries


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