Hyundai Mobis: Impresses the new folding steering wheel

Hyundai once again impresses with the new steering wheel it has unveiled, which has nothing to do with the classic we know so far. The brand’s new creation through its own component supplier Hyundai Mobis can be folded down to give more space to the driver when not in use.

In all likelihood this type of steering wheel will be used in the autonomous vehicles that the company will offer us in the future. Hyundai’s research and development department has been working for two consecutive years on the development of this steering wheel, which can move back and forth by 25 cm and then, if the driver wishes, to withdraw on the dashboard.

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Hyundai new steering wheel

As mentioned during the presentation, this steering wheel is a part of hyundai Mobis new steering, which was redesigned from scratch, even the steering column. In addition, the new folding steering wheel is compatible with the Steer by Wire (SBW) steering system that the company has developed in the past.

The SBW system controls the steering wheel with electrical signals and connects it to a device designed to transfer the power generated by the steering wheel to the wheels, significantly reducing vibration when driving on rough roads.


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