Kia e-Soul regenerative braking after 1 km downhill, video

Kia e-Soul has a regenerative braking system where it is particularly easy to use since it is located on a control behind the steering wheel and so the driver at any time can choose the level of recovery he wants.

The compact electric SUV e-Soul has three levels of operation but there is also a neutral option where the regenerative braking is completely deactivated.

The recovery levels are three and in single pedal mode the recovery is so strong that if the driver leaves the accelerator pedal the car will brake so much that he will not even have to press the brakes.

In the video below from the YouTube channel Traction, you can see a test of the KIA e-Soul where on a one-kilometer downhill route how much energy can the regenerative braking system return to the batteries.

Video from YouTube channel tractiongr

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