Porsche Taycan sells very well, already surpassing the 911!

Porsche continues to have an excellent year by announcing that the third quarter of 2021 ended with 217,198 sales representing an increase of 13%! But although this in itself is news given the state of the industry, sales by model are more interesting.

In the third quarter, Porsche sold 28,640 Taycans, and that means its first electric model surpassed in sales both the iconic 911 (27,972) and the Panamera (20,275). The list is completed by the 718 Cayman and Boxster who combined sold 15,916 cars while at the other end, at the top are of course Cayenne with 62,451 cars and Macan with 61,944!

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Thus, the most controversial models in Porsche’s range, the ones that have been subjected to the harshest criticism over the years by hardliners and “purists”, are the ones that sell the most, proving once again that those who vote with their wallets have a different opinion from internet experts.

Also, the biggest markets for the German company are still North America, which showed an increase of 29% compared to the same period in the ’20s, and China with an increase of 11%.


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