Record deliveries for Tesla with 241k cars in the Q3 2021

Tesla announced a new quarterly record of deliveries and production, as in the July – September – Q3 2021 quarter– it built a total of 237,823 cars and delivered 241,300 cars.

That number exceeded analysts’ expectations, who predicted a delivery of 220,900 electric cars, according to CNBC.

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Based on official figures released yesterday by Tesla, in the period July-September 2021 Elon Musk’s company produced 237,823 cars, breaking the previous record of the previous quarter of 206,421 units.

Of these cars, 228,882 belong to the Model 3 and Model Y family. Production of the newly renewed Model S and Model X reached 8,941 units in the third quarter of the year.

At the same time, in the last 90 days Tesla delivered 241,300 new cars to as many of its customers around the world, up from 201,250 in Q2 2021. In total, Tesla has built a little less than 625,000 cars during 2021 – at the same time its deliveries have surpassed 627,000 units.


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