Rimac Nevera vs Bugatti Vision GT on racing, CGI video

Rimac Nevera and Bugatti Vision GT are two hypercars where they define the state of the art technology on the 4 wheels. However, the more similar their purpose is, the more different they are in terms of the application of the mechanical engineering that they hide under the aerodynamic bodywork.

The Croatian company’s new all-electric vehicle delivers almost 1,900 horsepower (1,888 to be exact), and costs €2,000,000. His first tests left journalists and all those on the tracks open with their mouths open. According to the company, it has the most advanced monocoque construction in the world. The key to Nevera’s outstanding performance is Rimac’s pioneering electric motor. Each element of the electric motor has been redesigned to offer more torque, greater and improved performance.

Nevera and Bugatti

For Bugatti, words are superfluous since it is the top hypercar with an internal combustion engine. In fact, the latest version codenamed “Bolide” (exclusively intended for the track) which is distinguished by its weight/horse ratio of 0.67 kg. The model enjoys a final of more than 500 km/h, with all performances reminiscent of a Formula 1 race.

Of course, in the video that follows everything happens in the world of computer graphics (CGI) where anything is possible and which one won has the least significance.

Video from YouTube channel VirtuaSportsCars

Nevera and Bugatti

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