Subaru shows the first video teaser of Solterra EV

Subaru showed the first video of its first EV, the 4×4 Solterra crossover, essentially confirming that it is a slightly edited version of Toyota’s upcoming bZ4X EV, according to Autoblog.

Both electric cars are the result of the partnership between Toyota and Subaru on the e-TNGA platform designed for multiple EVs, which was first announced in 2019.

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The design elements shown in the teaser video, especially the odd dual roof spoiler, are similar to those of Toyota’s oncoming bZ4X (“bZ” means “beyond zero”). The side profile in a longer shot also looks identical, making us wonder why Subaru doesn’t fully reveal it to end with it.

It also showed a faint image of the interior, with the center element being a giant screen mounted in the middle. Again, this looks very similar to what Toyota showed us with its own EV crossover, although the Autoblog pointed out that the Subaru seems to have some extra features under the rotary button.

Another notable difference is the subaru’s reinforced seats that could allow for sportier 4×4 activities.

Video from YouTube channel SubaruGlobalTV

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