Tesla factory Giga Berlin, tour in other view, video 4k

The Tesla factory Giga Berlin is the company’s first production facility in Europe, but also the most advanced, sustainable and efficient that has been created to date.The company hires employees for a number of positions while candidates are not required to have any experience in the automotive industry.

At Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, the next generation is expected to come out that will bring solutions to technical, construction and operational challenges of the present, while the company aims to implement a complete transition to sustainable energy.

Tesla factory Giga Berlin

From powerful battery systems to high-performance units and in-car technology, the group is rethinking what a car means or rather what it can be. Creating a future in sustainable transport, the industry is constantly designing new Tesla products, while improving the current range, a project that continues with its expansion at the European level.

The Gigafactory in Berlin will be the first structure in Europe to manufacture internal cells together with electric vehicles. Tesla is preparing to offer competitive pay and education to those interested in working for this purpose, providing everything they need to build the field of sustainable energy.

Video from YouTube channel the_wolfpack_berlin

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