Tesla Model 3 yoke steering wheel, its good or bad? Video

Tesla’s Yoke steering wheel was first applied to the Model S Plaid and stands out by its square shape and of course does not have the circular handle like the classic steering wheels. It was of course a small shock to the car world since it is something completely new, but how “functional” is it when driving?

During the first contact with Tesla’s new Yoke steering wheel, many people were thrilled after they liked this idea and others felt that it has drawbacks in terms of ergonomics when driving. Of course, here we should emphasize that an important advantage that it has, is that it does not hide the dashboard when driving in a straight line always.

But what would this particular steering wheel look like if it were applied to the Tesla Model 3? This can be seen in the video below from the YouTube channel Tesla Owners Online, where the steering wheel of the Model 3 was replaced with a Yoke steering wheel like the Model S Plaid’s.

The video also shows in detail the whole process of removing the steering wheel from the Model 3, which is a process for quite experienced on this part but it is not impossible.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla Owners Online

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