This is Tesla’s new factory in Berlin | video

Tesla’s new factory in Berlin is very close to producing the first cars which has the ability to build a chassis of the Model Y every 45 seconds. During the Giga Fest at Tesla’s new vehicle production plant in Berlin, more than 9,000 visitors had the opportunity to see up close and tour selected locations of the U.S. company’s new vehicle manufacturing plant, which is expected to begin its production processes next November.

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The Giga Berlin will be able to build a chassis of the new Model Y every 45 seconds, which raises, according to Elon Musk himself, the production potential of the new Gigafactory to 520,000 cars per year or 10,000 vehicles per week when the last one operates 24/7 to 75% of its maximum potential.

Tesla's new factory in Berlin

It is worth noting here that in this new factory Tesla will also manufacture the company’s new batteries, known under the code name “4680”, just as it happens at its production unit located next to Kato Road, next to the brand’s familiar factory in Fremont, USA.

Tesla’s new Gigafactory is located in Brandenburg, Berlin, and is the company’s first vehicle and battery production facility in Europe – and its most advanced, sustainable and efficient facility so far, as Tesla points out.

Video from YouTube channel Tesla

Tesla's new factory in Berlin

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