This is the mini all-electric SUV by Smart

Leaked the final form where the new mini all-electric SUV by Smart will have, and will be the second member in electric mobility after the for-two Electric Drive. A car perhaps far ahead of its time and at a time when batteries were not as sophisticated as they are today. Very expensive, with limited autonomy, the old electric fortwo will give way to a new model of renewal.

And as the trend of the time dictates, it will be an urban SUV and even in the mini segment. Smart recently unveiled Concept #1, thus revealing the aesthetic lines of the model with which it will restart its revised activity.

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Both in terms of the power-trains that will be purely electric and its business composition, as the Chinese Geely formed a joint venture with the Germans, taking over half of the management of Smart from Daimler.

This is the mini all-electric SUV by Smart

The images of the car from the leaked patent registrations show the final design of the production model, which will no longer be assembled in France, but in China.

The technical specifications remain a secret for the time being, but it is the co-owner Geely who sponsors the car’s modular platform and is said to have great potential.

The launch of the smart’s first electric SUV will take place in 2022, with the first deliveries to the Old Continent to be placed in 2023.


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