Wireless charging technology is being tested in South Korea

WiTricity’s wireless charging technology for zero-emission vehicles will debut in South Korea. Hyundai’s Genesis GV 60 is the first to take advantage of it in real-world conditions.

WiTricity has developed a wireless charging solution that will allow electric vehicles to charge on the go, without having to visit refueling stations. The GV 60 of Genesis, hyundai’s luxury subsidiary, is a vehicle that supports wireless charging technology and has already been officially unveiled.

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In the first phase, the function of charging vehicles on the move is not activated, while WiTricity will have the ability to operate Vehicle to Grid, which means that the excess energy of an electric car will be able to return to the grid.

The experiment in South Korea is of great interest, as it will prove whether we can move in real conditions to the next level of electrification which is the constant power supply to the EVs, without the stress of limited autonomy.


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