Enel accelerates decarbonisation for zero emissions pollutants

Enel is speeding up its plan for complete decarbonisation, bringing the target of zero emissions ten years earlier. Francesco Starace, Ceo and General Manager of Enel Group, at the Press Conference that followed the annual established meeting with the markets (Capital Markets Day), presented the vision and the strategic plan for the period 2022-2024.

The plan is mainly marked by the hastening of complete decarbonisation by 2040, ten years earlier than announced last year. It includes the gradual withdrawal from the natural gas market over the next two decades and foresees 210 billion euros of investments by 2030.

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Also, according to the financial data released, at a press conference attended digitally and in-person by more than 200 journalists from around the world, the company’s EBITDA is expected to grow by 5%-6% annually by 2030.

“This year’s plan, with 170 billion direct investments by 2030, is pivotal. Its implementation allows us to move from the previous decade of the discovery of renewable energy sources to the current decade of electrification. We are accelerating our economic growth and bringing added value to our customers who are at the core of our strategy, a value that translates into a projected reduction in their energy costs, while electricity demand will increase by 2030”, francesco Starace said and added that “we are bringing ten years in advance the goal of full decarbonization of the Group, reaching zero emissions by 2040.

We will continue to develop renewable energy and through the infrastructure, networks and the new Global Customers business line to take advantage of the incredible opportunities of electromobility.

The pioneering work carried out by all Enel colleagues and the Advanced Digital Transformation of the Group will allow us to address the evolution of customer needs during this decade.”


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