First electric car with a range of more than 1,000 km

In line with its announcements, the Chinese GAC officially unveiled the new Aion LX Plus, which is the first electric on the planet to exceed 1,000 kilometers of range.

As we have written before, the 1,008 km. autonomy with a charge promised by GAC for its new creation, are calculated based on the Chinese measurement cycle, which resembles the previous and less stringent than the current, NEDC measurement cycle of Europe.

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The LX Plus features a new 144.4 kWh ion-lithium-ion battery. This uses GAC’s patented silicon “sponge” rise technology, first unveiled at the Shanghai motor show last April, when it unveiled the LX with the 95.8 kWh battery.

first electric

Aion claims that the new ascent technology provides a 20% reduction in battery volume and a 14% reduction in weight, compared to batteries of similar size using GAC’s previous graphite anode process.

This allowed Aion to increase the battery capacity of the LX Plus by 48.6 kWh, without any major overhaul of the body structure of the two-year-old SUV.

Aion reports that its new silicon electrode brings improvements in the energy density of battery cells, power density and efficiency at low temperatures.


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