Geely HOMTRUCK: The comforts of home on the street

The Geely Homtruck, in addition to its futuristic design, offers a range of amenities that you don’t often find in a vehicle even in the commercial vehicles category. Geely’s electric truck will begin its commercial run in 2024, with the start of production.

With the Homtruck, The Chinese Geely, makes no secret of its intention to compete with Tesla with the Semi Truck, as well as other automakers that have introduced electric trucks. One of the features of Homtruck is its flexible character, which allows it to accept different loads and various configurations.

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The fact that many truck drivers on the planet spend much of their time inside their vehicles has led Geely to redefine the interior design. Geely also emphasizes fun, as well as driver comfort with some interesting innovations.

Thus, the materials offer comfort and pleasant touch, there are possibilities of autonomous movement of the vehicle in order to rest the driver, along with the possibility of software updates. The truck is equipped with many sensors and mobile connectivity capabilities.

Inside the cabin there is a bed, fridge, washing machine, kitchen, coffee maker, and even shower! A digital assistant with artificial intelligence helps the driver in all cases, and there are also cameras that offer a 360-degree image.


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