Greece and Denmark want zero-emission taxis from the…

Taxis can play a key role in reducing air pollution, especially within large urban centres, as they travel too many hours, spilling over several kilometres every day.

However, a roadmap must be developed relatively soon, setting out how this green transition should take place. Until this happens in Greece, let us look at the relevant example of Denmark.

The Danish government’s goal is not to not permit the new CO2 taxis or air pollution from 2025 and by 2030 all taxis must be zero-emission, so that they can contribute greatly to the pollution in already overcrowded cities.ies.

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zero-emission taxis

An important step in this direction was taken last Friday, November 5, when Toyota delivered 100 hydrogen-powered Mirai to the DRIVR taxi service, which operates in Denmark.

At this point, we should mention that hydrogen powered vehicles are not sold in Greece, while there is no network with hydrogen refuelling stations. Mirai taxis will be on the streets of Copenhagen and will leave behind only a few drops of water, an image diametrically opposed to the smoke coming out from the exhausts of aging and polluting diesel taxis.


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