Hyundai and Kia announce new Solid State Battery plant

Hyundai and Kia are investing in the new technology of Solid State Battery with the construction of a new factory. With energy storage systems, there is still a long way to go. Existing technologies are mainly based on lithium ions. They are now able to offer sufficient range, but they are lagging behind in terms of weight and charge rate.

That’s why all manufacturers have engaged in a race, developing new technologies, such as solid state batteries.

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So far closer to the goal shows Toyota, to adopt such a battery in a production model. Now, however, Hyundai and Kia are also putting a serious candidate to be among the pioneers. The latter recently came to an agreement with Factorial Energy, a Massachusetts-based company that has developed its own expertise in the field.

Together they will proceed to the joint development of such batteries, for use in cars. These will be based on FEST (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology) technology, which uses a solid electrolytic material, much safer and more reliable. More specifically, the new electrolytic cells will ensure increased energy density, while their electrodes will also be of higher voltage.

Solid State batteries are expected to increase vehicle autonomy by 20-50%, while reducing charging time. More information about their characteristics or when they will go into production, there is no one. Hyundai itself, however, says their cost will be commensurate with that of today’s batteries.


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