Hyundai SEVEN: The new era in electromobility

Hyundai’s new era, as far as electromobility is concerned, looks impressive and aims at the modern design of its bodies, but also at the use of modern technologies. Hyundai revealed photos online, which admittedly allude to… “riddle”. Because, it is not easy to see exactly what he wants to tell us.

From the scant information that has seen the light of publicity so far, the images relate to a new, purely electric prototype SUV, called “SEVEN”. The all-new electric model, which belongs to the SUV segment, seems to place extra special emphasis on the design of the body and interior.

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new era in electromobility

Externally, the lighting architecture of seven is defined by the Parametric Pixels, the unique design identity of the IONIQ brand, as we have seen in the IONIQ 5.

The spaciousness, which is one of the main features of the IONIQ family, will be combined according to the company and with the high aesthetics of the cabin, as if it is a premium car.

Logically, the materials that will surround the interior will be at a fairly high level, while their design, judging by the photos, is likened to that of a luxurious residence with a lot of style.

Now all we have to do is expect that in a short time more details will come about this particular very interesting and in terms of Hyundai electric vehicle design.


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