InMotion Wireless Charging EV tests begun in UK

In the UK, a company has started testing for InMotion wireless charging with inductive chargers mounted on the roadway, which can wirelessly charge electric vehicles, but will also be able to act as a charger in a parking lot where the driver will not have to use cables.

The test is done with a fleet of ten Renault Zoe that carry a special kit that can charge the battery as the car is in motion or parked.

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The tests involve the electric vehicle charging company which, among other things, developed the pad technology, which is capable of charging a car as it is in motion.

Concrete that could charge EVs wirelessly on the go

The option also includes charging in parking spaces. There are no charging cables and this means that it is potentially not dangerous for other users of the road or sidewalk.

The company says the technology, which works through an electrical inductive charging base installed on the ground, has been tested and the first results are encouraging.

The tests use 10 Renault Zoe owned by a rental company and rent them to the public for a small fee for their use.

Already the first samples of the research have been collected and analyzed by professors and students of the Open University. Based on the feedback made by users, it will be decided whether there should be improvements to the project.


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