Kawasaki will unveil at least 3 new electric models in 2022

At the press conference, Mr. Ito Hiroshi (President and CEO of Kawasaki Motors Ltd.) referred to the semiconductor crisis that has put a brake on production and deliveries of new models, especially in Europe, saying he believes that in 2022 Kawaski will present a more populous new range than this year.

He then focused on the separation of Kawasaki Motors from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and on the greater freedom of movement that this move gave to the group’s motorcycle industry.

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Kawasaki new electric

This is the most important point of Mr. Ito, where he promised that in 2022 Kawasaki will present at least 3 new electric vehicles for the global market.

In addition to electricity, Kawasaki is also experimenting with a hydrogen engine, both on its own and in cooperation with the other major Japanese manufacturers, as we have written recently.

Akashi is also looking at the possibility of alternative fuels, such as biofuels and eFuels.


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