Mercedes EQS vs S-Class: Luxurious limos on the track

Of course the track is not the most welcoming place for luxurious limousines like the Mercedes EQS and S-Class but it becomes very interesting when the comparison is made between a fully electric car and one with an internal combustion engine.

The Mercedes S-Class (S-500) features a 3.0L engine with a total output of 435 HP and its torque is 520 NM. The total weight of the S-Class is 2,065 Kg. On the other hand, the all-electric EQS 450+ has a huge battery of 108 kWh and for this reason it weighs almost half a ton more! (2,480 Kg). It has an electric motor on the rear axle, delivering 330 HP while its torque is at 570 Nm.

EQS S-Class

The EQS does not have a gearbox but the pedals behind the steering wheel serve to adjust to the power recovery system. As you can see below from the carwow, both limousines were tested on a lap on the track, at an acceleration of 0-60mph, a 1/4 mile test and braking.

In theory the advantage is the S-Class due to the fact that it has significantly higher horsepower as well as a much lower overall weight. Stock up on popcorn and watch…. well i know overdone it a little.

Video from YouTube channel carwow

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