MIC Tesla Model Y upgraded with AMD Ryzen processor

The MIC Tesla Model Y will be released on the Chinese market with an upgraded AMD Ryzen processor for the needs of the infotainment system. We live in an age where processor upgrades are not only done on our computers, but also on our electric cars

The upgrade to AMD Ryzen is made in relation to the central processing unit that was until today built Intel for the Tesla Model Y. This upgrade concerns the model circulating in China, without mentioning a corresponding move in models circulating in other markets.

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There is some information that believes that this move will not be limited to China, but this is not officially confirmed by Tesla.

Another element that has not been known is whether this particular AMD central processing unit will be the same one that equips both the Tesla Model S and Model X. Some of the reasons cited as the reason for this transition from Tesla are the shortages in processors, but also the reduction in costs.


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