NVIDIA: Self driving software available for 2024 models

NVIDIA Hyperion 8 platform offers a one-on-one solution for the purposes of self driving, which will be available for 2024 models. NVIDIA’s integrated system can be customized according to the needs of each manufacturer.

NVIDIA’s Hyperion 8 platform includes sensors, software and all the necessary settings to enable a vehicle to gain a basic level of range of motion. In total, this platform will be able to have up to 12 cameras, a LiDAR sensor and nine different radars.

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Many, different companies are those that offer the individual components of the platform, which NVIDIA consolidates into one set, ready to be installed in a vehicle with autonomous drive capability.

NVIDIA believes it can expand the framework of its partnerships with manufacturers by setting high goals regarding the marketing of its all-in-one solution. So far, however, many resounding names in the car industry have reportedly expressed their interest in adopting the Hyperion 8 platform.


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