Recharging in less than 5 minutes with this cooled charging cable

Charging electric vehicles at higher speeds requires higher electric current leading to the production of a greater amount of heat. In order for the chargers to continue to work quickly, it is necessary to remove the extra heat, otherwise reducing the charging time would be impossible.

According to a study by Nature Energy, the difficulties associated with charging were the reason for 20% of california electric car owners to stop using them by selling them.

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Ford wants to offer faster recharge times for batteries, which is why it launched an alliance with Purdue University in 2017, which is based in the state of Indiana, America.


The team of researchers from Purdue University designed a cable that uses liquid cooling, and allowed larger power loads to be transported to vehicles. The team responsible for this project specializes in experiments to discover solutions where the amounts of heat produced are far beyond the capabilities of today’s technologies, to limit them.

Together, they managed to design a new charging cable that is 4.6 times faster than that of Tesla’s Supercharger stations, which takes about 20 minutes for 80% of the cars’ batteries to be charged with direct current (DC).

Ford and the university have filed an application for the patenting of this cable, which is cooled.



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