The VW ID.5 in the German market will cost from…

Although in most markets around the world the VW ID.5 will start selling from the beginning of 2022, in the German market recently announced the prices for the new electric of the German carmaker.

The VW ID.5, the company’s first electric coupe crossover, announces the pricing policy that its versions will follow. The basic version of the ID.5 on the German market will cost 46,515 euros, not counting any subsidy amount for the purchase.

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 ID.5 German market

One should not rely on the price that exists in Germany in order to draw conclusions about the price that will apply in other European countries, but the 46,515 euros show the level at which such a vehicle will be priced in Europe.

This price includes the software package that can be upgraded over the air, for full control of the car, as provided by Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix platform.

ID Software 3.0 can extend its capabilities through the upgrade packages received. The price announced also includes a battery that offers a range of 520 kilometers, with the engine delivering, depending on the version, from 174 to 299 horsepower in the most powerful version.


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