Why Volkswagen put sheep in its factory?

One of Volkswagen’s factories is located in the city of Chattanuga, Tenesi, USA. There are about 4,000 people and 50 sheep who have recently joined the workforce. But why did the Germans hatch these animals there?

The likeable animals take care of the proper functioning of the solar collector park that exists in the surrounding area of the factory! It is one of the largest photovoltaic parks in the USA. It consists of 33,600 collectors, has a capacity of 9.5 megawatts and covers up to 12.5% of the plant’s electricity needs during full operation.

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However, the soil in the vast area of 33 acres is easily eroded. So Volkswagen planted grass, which one has to take care of so as not to grow too high and shade the collectors.

This is exactly the role taken over by the 50 sheep, which feed on the grass while at the same time strengthening the soil with… normal way. At the same time, the solar panels provide shade to the sheep, which do an excellent job according to Loran Shallenberger, the plant’s renewable energy.


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