Audi confirms that the Next Gen R8 will be electric

Audi confirms for the first time that the replacement of the legendary R8 will adopt the solution of electromobility technology.

As Audi Sport’s product leader Lind Kurz said, the German company’s goal for the next decade is to “transform the R class” and as is logical, most of this transformation concerns the electrification of the range.

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Anyway, the first step has been taken with the e-tron GT which in its top-of-the-line, RS version offers up to 646 horses and sits on its throne as the most powerful Audi ever to go into production. But for how much longer?

Audi R8

The model that will replace the R8 is not a matter of “if” it will happen but “when” even if we do not know for the moment whether it will continue to be called the R8 or if Audi chooses something different to mark the beginning of a new era (and) in the category of sports cars/supercars.

Until the all-electric R8 comes along, however, it sounds like Audi is planning to launch a very special farewell version of the current model with more power and lower weight. This new version is expected sometime after mid-’22, so we expect more details soon.


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