Formula E: Without rear brakes the new generation

The new generation Formula E single-seaters will feature a front drivetrain for energy regeneration during braking, which allows the elimination of traditional hydraulic brakes on the rear axle wheels.

According to Formula E, the new Gen 3 car system will ensure that at least 40% of the energy is recovered from the braking system. In addition, the electric motor will have increased performance, reaching 350 kW (476 horsepower), from 250 kW (340 horsepower), which was delivered by the cars of the outgoing Gen 2 generation.

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formula e new generation

The new cars will have a reduced weight and the top speed will be able to reach 320 km/h, with the tyres of the racers having a composition that will include sustainable materials in 26% of their total. Finally, all carbon parts will be reusable.

Formula E Gen 3 single-seaters will have a zero carbon footprint, with all suppliers adhering to strict KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) sustainability rules. Typical is the statement of the president of the FIA, Jean Todt: “The new car was created by crossing high performance, performance and sustainability. I have no doubt that the new car will bring Formula E to a much higher level.”


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