Goodyear introduces the first tire for electric vehicles

The Goodyear ElectricDrive GT is the company’s first tire exclusively for electric vehicles. The tires of an electric vehicle face a number of challenges that do not compare to those of conventional vehicles.

It is well known that electric cars have increased demands on the tires they wear, something that Goodyear took into account in the development of the ElectricDrive GT.

This particular tire is for all seasons and will be released initially in the North American market. In addition to its other features, it also has Soundcomfort noise reduction technology, while it proves to be particularly resistant to the high-weight strains that arise in a vehicle with high torque and an electric motor.

Goodyear for electric vehicles

Initially, this Goodyear tire is only available in one dimension, the 255/45R19 104W XL, for pure electric cars with high performance.

Goodyear is seeing an increase in demand for tires that have been developed exclusively for electric cars and is seeking to enter this category sooner than other manufacturers.


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