Mercedes defeated Tesla in the field of self driving?

Mercedes managed to find itself one step ahead of Tesla in the field of self driving, as the German company’s system received the approval of the regulators to make the Drive Pilot available.

In this way, the brand with the star badge managed to “get a head” from Tesla, since it can sell the Drive Pilot package on its future models. This autonomous driving system can be used in some parts of the autobahn in Germany, but with a speed not exceeding 60 km / h.

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The Drive Pilot was approved for Level 3 autonomous driving, a stepping stone higher than Tesla’s Level 2 Autopilot. This translates into the fact that the driver will be able to leave the steering wheel, as long as his Mercedes moves up to the speed mentioned above. The Drive Pilot will be integrated into the flagships of the S-Class and EQS brand in mid-2022.

Mercedes self driving

For the time being, the approval is for Germany, with Mercedes’ decision-makers saying they are sounding out the approval in other countries, such as China and the US.

The big stumbling block that Elon Musk’s company failed to overcome was a local court that last year rejected Elon Musk’s company’s application for the Autopilot system, saying the car industry misled consumers about its capabilities.

The controls for activating the system are located left and right, within the steering wheel rim, where the thumbs are essentially located when we hold the steering wheel.


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