Renault Zoe: Disappointing results in a recent Crash Test

The results for the all-electric Renault ZOE are disappointing and in no way can they be happy with the French company for the performance of the Lilliputian ZOE in crash tests. The 0 in the stars given by the independent body NCAP disappoints and troubles at the same time.

It is worth noting that the Renault Zoe is one of the highest-selling electric vehicles in Europe, therefore, the fact that the 2021 model did so badly in NCAP’s crash tests is of great concern. Another notable element is that the first Renault Zoe of 2013 had managed to win the distinction of 5 stars in the NCAP.

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Renault Zoe
Renault ZOE 2021

In addition to the shortcomings in active safety equipment, such as automatic braking and other similar systems, the Renault Zoe, which has received several improvements in the battery issue, appears to have shortcomings both in terms of passive safety and in the issue of battery safety.

Many of the comments made after the publication of the results of the NCAP tests for the Renault Zoe speak of an emphasis on low costs resulting in poor safety performance.


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