Skoda: Two electric trucks operating in its central facilities

Skoda has put into operation two electric trucks in Mladá Boleslav, its central facility in the Czech Republic. These electric trucks are used to transport goods within the vast factory and are the first of many more to follow.

By using the two electric trucks, the Czech car industry estimates to save 60 tonnes of CO2 each year compared to its diesel counterparts.

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The two electric tractor units have been in operation since the beginning of October, tow ordinary semitrailers, which do not have any particular conversion. They will replace diesel trucks on the respective routes until next May.

Skoda electric trucks

In a next step, they will be used for the transport of batteries of electric vehicles, using specially retrofitted sliding vehicles, from June 2022. In fact, the latter will carry special equipment so that the loading and unloading of pallets will be done automatically.

The range of zero-emission electric trucks is 80 km, with batteries needing 4.5 hours to be fully charged. They use about 200 kWh of electricity per 100 km. and by adopting them, SKODA AUTO plans to save 60 tons of CO2 per year.

The company has already reduced CO2 emissions by 25%, compared to vehicles with conventional powertrains, using trucks powered by natural gas (CNG) at the plant’s premises and is now taking the next step to further minimise emissions by using electric trucks.


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