Sweden: Decisive the role of “offshore” wind farms

Sweden’s electricity demand is forecast to increase from 140 TWh currently to 370 TWh by 2050, and under the right conditions, 45% of that demand can be met by offshore wind, according to a new study published on Tuesday.

According to the study carried out by Thema Consulting, the increase in demand will be determined primarily by the increase in the production of green hydrogen. By 2050, green hydrogen will need 130 TWh or almost as much energy as the whole country currently uses.

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In this context, offshore wind could supply 167 TWh of electricity by 2050, while significant growth prospects are recorded as early as 2030, however, much needs to be done to make the potential a reality.

France wind power

In particular, there are applications to the Swedish authorities for offshore wind projects with a total production capacity exceeding 500 TWh.

The Swedish Wind Energy Association, which has 130 members, urges the government of the country and the competent legislative bodies to proceed with reforms in four areas:

  • Strengthening the marine electricity grid
  • Development of a concrete action plan for the expansion of offshore wind energy
  • Simplification and shortening of the licensing process for offshore wind tenders
  • Providing incentives, including financial resources to local government, to decarbonise electricity generation.


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