Tax incentives for Women who buy EVs in Finland

The environment ministry in Finland is currently considering whether tax incentives could encourage women to buy EVs. Women who also have a lower income than the country’s men are fewer to own electric cars.

One fifth of Finland’s gas emissions are caused by transport, of which around 53% come from passenger cars.

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According to the environment ministry’s preliminary plan for a carbon-neutral society, the share of biofuels used in road traffic could reach 100% by 2025 if distribution issues can be resolved.

Electric cars

And by 2030, the country should have at least one nighttime charging point per hundred electric vehicles, and the share of new electric and hybrid cars purchased should be close to 100%, up from the current 30%.

The most controversial point of the plan was the original idea of a temporarily lower vehicle tax or subsidies for women who buy electric cars. Currently, households can receive a subsidy of €2,000 for a fully electric vehicle with a maximum price of €50,000.

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