Thanks to Tesla Sentry Mode a woman paid a fine

In the UK, Tesla Model 3’s Sentry Mode caught a woman deliberately leaving a 10cm scratch on the side of the car door with her key.

The 57-year-old, Anna Valente, looked like she was taking something out of her car, but the camera on the front wing of the Tesla captured her secretly dragging her key behind her back along the door of the Model 3.

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The damage was not noticed until the owner’s wife came home and noticed the scratch. So, she decided to check the hard drive of the car to see if he “caught” something.

Video from YouTube channel Analysis TV

And the reason for this act? It was assumed that the Tesla was parked too close to her car. As if that wasn’t enough, the only reason the Model 3 was so close was because Valente allegedly parked on purpose on the white parking line to prevent people from parking next to her while her dog was in the passenger seat.

As a result of its actions, Valente paid a fine of €1,078.83 (€1,277) to the owner of the Model 3 to cover the damages, and it is the first time that recorded material from Tesla has been used as evidence in criminal proceedings in the UK.

Sentry Mode woman

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