The first autonomous electric cargo ship goes out to sea

The Yara Birkeland made its maiden voyage through the waters of Oslo, in a test voyage as the first autonomous electric cargo ship. This ship can carry cargo of a total weight of up to 3200 tons at a maximum speed of 15 knots.

The autonomous ship Yara Birkeland has the ability to move without human intervention, while its electric engine gets energy from a 6.8 mWh battery, which is considered enough to move the 80-meter-long ship. The electric drive of the Yara Birkeland is thought to be able to replace a not inconsiderable number of routes at sea with the classic ships based on polluting diesel engines.

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electric cargo ship

The aim of the construction company is to use this ship for the transport of fertilizers and chemicals between nearby ports. On its first voyage, this ship made a 70 km journey at sea from the port of Horten to Oslo.

Yara Birkeland’s voyages will start from 2022 onwards, after all tests certifying that it is safe to use an autonomous cargo ship have been completed.


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