The successor to the Audi R8 will be purely electric

That the successor to the Audi R8 will be a fully electric car should not be a surprise to anyone who has been following the company’s comments in recent years.

Audi has never categorically opposed this idea. However, the German automaker quite vague about its plans for the sports car. Audi Sport’s head of product marketing, Linda Kurz, finally confirmed that the R logo is switching to electrification.

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Linda said in the post that the company will “transform the R brand,” though don’t expect anything crazy to come next year. She also added that this is a goal for the next decade and it is by no means certain whether the sports car they are talking about will be the next R8 or some other R from Audi.

Next Gen Audi electrics will have changing wheelbase

Previous comments from the company suggest that the successor could be a completely different type of car, with Audi possibly leaving the R8 in the history books and moving on.

Although Audi’s confirmation is absolute, the company did not specify who could be the successor or when we could see it. She expressed concerns about whether the battery technology is mature enough to support a proper sports car, but there will have to be huge improvements in the coming years as the cost of EV continues to fall and performance increases.

Audi plans to unveil more electric than combustion cars in the coming years, including the high-end R-class and the rest of the Audi series. The company wants to offer 20 EVs in its global market by 2025.


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