VW and Audi are preparing an electric Cabrio?

The head of the VW Group suggests that there could be a new electric Cabrio on VW and Audi’s list in the coming years.

So far it has been a big question mark why car manufacturers are not thinking about an electric future for open cars. Volkswagen, however, with its standard practice of covering even the slightest commercial need of the market, is the first to come to mind for an electric convertible.

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And where could he make it. But of course at the Osnabrück factory in Germany. One of VW’s probably lesser-known production plants, previously karmann’s premises, has now been converted into an industrial plant for the assembly of some specialized models of the German brand.

Today, osnabrück workers assemble the T-Roc convertate, the only open model on Volkswagen’s catalog in 2021.

However, the ceo of the VW Group gave them a glimmer of hope that also seems to suggest possible new models and even of an unexpected type. “The next option should of course be an electric Cabrio. There are thoughts in VW, there are thoughts in Audi,” commented Herbert Diess.

By early 2022, we’ll then know a little more about the details of future products and whether we should actually think about a 100% electric convertible from Audi and/or VW.


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