Xiaomi planning mass production of 300,000 EVs annually

Xiaomi plans of mass production of EVs, is another sign that the Chinese company has equally ambitious plans for the automotive sector, as in smartphones and smart home products, which is already active.

According to Reuters, the target of Xiaomi’s annual production of electric vehicles reaches 300,000 vehicles, to achieve which the company will proceed with the construction of a large production plant in Beijing. Plans confirmed by the development agency of the Chinese capital , Beijing E-Town.

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The whole manufacturing process will be divided into two phases, while mass production is estimated to begin in 2024. Alongside the above investment, Xiaomi will also proceed with the construction of the headquarters of the automobile sector in Beijing (in the Beijing Zone of Economic and Technological Development), a news that was also made known by the organization Beijing E-Town.

In the same cluster will operate the research and development department, as well as the sales office.

It is recalled that in September the establishment of the separate company with a capital of close to 1.3 billion euros was completed. It received the name Xiaomi EV (Electric Vehicles) with legal representative the president and CEO of the parent company.

Based on what we read on Engadget, in the “battle of motoring”, Xiaomi will also use the power of its network of stores, through which the sale of electric cars will be promoted.


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