Yamaha unveils the design of its new scooters

Yamaha is making a shift to electric mobility and is now revealing the design of its new scooters. Yamaha’s two new electric scooters will also have commercial circulation in Europe.

Yamaha’s new scooters with electric motor will make their official commercial appearance later next year, and are known today under the names E01 and E02, as the electric concepts that are expected.

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These concepts were originally featured at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, but now we learn that they will find their way to mass production.

Yamaha new scooters

The official technical characteristics of the new scooters have not been known, but what is becoming clear is that Yamaha’s new two-wheelers will be clearly urban-oriented. One model will be in the category of 125 cm, while the other will have smaller dimensions and will correspond to a scooter of 50 cm.

Yamaha’s plans for the near future include the introduction of electric motorcycles in other categories.


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