BMW wants to double this year’s EV number it sells

Another leading automaker from Germany is setting the tone for electrification, as BMW has announced that it wants to double the number of electric cars it sells this year. BMW has recently been presenting a number of new electrified models.

The BMW iX and i4 are two of the recent additions to the company’s electric range, which is another manufacturer that has noted that it will switch to purely electric models in a few years from now.

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During 2021, reports refer to total sales of 2.2 million units for the German manufacturer, with 100,000 of them being purely electric models.

BMW’s goal is to sell 200,000 pure electric vehicles in 2022, a goal that may be ambitious in terms of doubling, but the German company estimates that this is achievable given the global dynamics of electrification.

As the German automaker estimates, the luxury car brand predicts that by 2025, one in four vehicles sold will be electric. By the end of the decade, BMW says it will likely be closer to one in two vehicles sold. Pieter Nota (Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG) claims that “there is a big boost in our pipeline,” which is expected to boost EV sales in the coming years.


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