Bugatti’s first electric vehicle is not a Hypercar!

Bugatti’s first electric vehicle is ultimately not some exotic hypercar but an interesting electric scooter where it was revealed at the CES Show in Las Vegas.

This scooter is manufactured in collaboration with Bytech International and has a small electric motor of 700 Watts. The battery is detachable and the scooter is split so that it can be transported with ease.

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It weighs 15.9 kg and is made of exotic materials including magnesium and aluminum. Its autonomy reaches 35 kilometers and has three “driving” programs, Economy, City and Sport. Its top speed stops at 30 km / h.

Bugattis first electric

Particular emphasis has been given to the design of this electric scooter, while various subsystems are careful, such as brakes, which also have electronic ABS on the rear axle.

The very beautiful scooter has a flash, a very thoughtful finish and the monogram EB in honor of Ettore Bugatti. And in her honor… its price which is expected to be quite high for the scooter data.


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