China: Fully operational offshore wind plant 240 MW

The Chinese Nuclear Energy Consortium (CGN) has made it known that it has fully operational an offshore wind power plant off Fujian province, located in the east of China.

The plant is located in the sea area northeast of Dalian Island in Pingtan County, and has been fully interconnected with the Chinese electricity transmission network since Wednesday night, according to CGN, which is based in the city of Shenzhen.

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The wind farm has sixty turbines, with a total capacity of 240 megawatts of electricity (MW).

offshore wind plant

It is expected to send about 960 million kWh annually to China’s electricity transmission network, saving 308,100 tons of coal combustion and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 900,000 tons per year.

CGN is the largest nuclear power management company in China, and has made significant investments in offshore wind power generation over the years.

The company has so far built offshore wind farms producing energy, with a capacity of 2,358 MW in China.


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