Clean Technology: $15 billion investment by Bill Gates fund

The fund that supports actions against climate change by billionaire Bill Gates, Breakthrough Energy Catalyst (BEC), plans to invest up to $15 billion in “clean technology” projects in the US, the UK and the European Union.

According to CNBC, the BEC has raised more than $1.5 billion in sponsorships and philanthropic actions so far. But according to a recent interview with BEC CEO Jonah Goldman in the Financial Times, the fund’s ultimate goal is to invest up to €15 billion in the fund’s investment. dollars.

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To raise this capital, Goldman told the FT that the fund plans to use innovative financial structures and cooperation agreements.

BEC announced in September that it has secured investments from companies such as: Microsoft, BlackRock, General Motors, American Airlines, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America and ArcelorMittal.

At the same time, it has received support from the US Department of Energy and the Commission.

Clean technology, briefly cleantech, is any process, product or service that reduces the devastating environmental impact through significant improvements in energy efficiency, sustainable use of resources or environmental protection activities. Clean technology includes a wide range of technology related to recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transport, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, gray water and more.


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