Could this be the new 2023 Tesla Model 2?

With the advent of the new small hatch Tesla Model 2 in 2023, so far the base of its range and the most popular model in sales has been the Model 3. And many argue that that’s where Tesla should stop as it shouldn’t fall lower in terms of price and model status.

At the same time, however, European manufacturers are making big plans to expand into electromobility, targeting smaller categories. There, too, Tesla has already expressed its interest but has not gone any further.

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The Tesla Model 2 as it has been established to be called, if it ever does exist, will be a car at a cost of less than $25,000 in America or 25,000 euros in Europe.

2023 model 2

In other words, it will be a directly competitive model of the VW ID. 3 or the many other electric cars that will come in the near future from the Stellantis group, Renault and others.

By the time we see the Model 2 in fact, colleagues from the Russian have created a successful digital approach. And since these designers rarely fall out, we get a good idea of what the Model 2 could be like.

The Model 2 is expected to go live after 2023, as Tesla wants to catch up with Xiaomi and other Chinese companies so that it doesn’t miss the China market train.

With a core range of more than 400 kilometers and a fairly low cost, it is expected to increase the company’s sales exponentically, and put its European competitors in an extremely difficult position.


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