Dacia: Gradually the electric cars to maintain costs

Dacia will proceed with the gradual introduction of new electric cars, in order to maintain reasonable prices for its cars. The company aims to achieve its emissions targets by building lightweight cars rather than through expensive plug-in hybrid and electric models.

As the brand’s CEO Denis Le Vot said, Dacia’s commitment was and remains to sell reasonably-cost cars, which will allow it to keep commercial sales high.

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The European Union’s pressure to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions seems to be of no concern to Dacia, since it states that the goal will be achieved by building lighter and more efficient cars and not by plug-in hybrids and electrics.

Dacia electric cars
Dacia Spring EV

In this way, it will manage to maintain reasonable prices for its cars, maintaining in full the high value for money. Le Vot stressed that Dacia will further invest in technologies to reduce the weight of its cars, which will result in a further drop in CO2 emissions.

In practice this translates that the brand will not have to spend a package of money to immediately develop the expensive technology of electromobility to adapt to EU requirements. Le Vot cited the example of Dacia Jogger, which will be released in Great Britain and will weigh about 20% less than its competitors.

This means that it can be powered by an efficient engine that emits about 10% less carbon dioxide, as its official tests attest.


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